New TV and Foxtel Points

You don’t need to get a sparky in to install a new TV point, let Antenna Fella set that up for you. I’ll conduct a TV reception test before we start the installation and once finished, I will test every single TV point in the property to make sure you have adequate signal strength.

I will also tune all your TV’s for digital channels, leaving you with a superb crystal clear picture quality throughout your home.

I install TV points day in and day out and I can provide you with TV reception wherever you want it, even in the most difficult locations. There’s no need for unsightly extension cables across the floor just because you want to put the television in a different corner, call Antenna Fella instead.

Why not have several additional TV points installed while I am there, the more you have the cheaper it gets!


I have had many calls to install Foxtel cables for customers, sometimes their engineers will only run in the cables up to a certain point. If this has happened to you, give me a call, I can take over and install all cables as discretely as possible.

Want Foxtel in other rooms?

I can also install extra Foxtel points; there are many options to providing Foxtel on other TV’s, so give me a call to discuss your needs.

Get it right the first time, call:

Antenna Fella – 0488 137379

New and Additional Points

Additional TV points in any room

Installation of extra Telephone Points

Installation of Data Cabling Outlets for Internet Connection

Renovation pre-wiring